Gender Pay Gap Review

Statement from Julian Cordy, CEO, Field Sales Solutions Limited:

As an employer with a workforce in excess of 250 employees or more on 5th April 2023, Field Sales Solutions must comply with statutory provisions regarding Gender Pay Gap reporting.  This requires us to carry out six calculations and publish the results each year, showing the size of the pay gap between our male and female employees.

We have calculated the relevant figures set out below, using the mechanisms that are set out in the gender pay gap reporting legislation.  I can confirm that these figures have been verified and checked to ensure their accuracy.

Our mean hourly rate pay gap has improved, whilst there has been a slight decline in our median hourly rate pay gap. The percentage of all genders in each hourly pay quarter is relatively consistent between the quarters, except the lower hourly pay quarter, where the percentage of female employees has increased.

The median bonus gender gap has improved year on year. The mean bonus gender pay gap has declined since last report (2021 – 2022), but remains improved on the previous year (2020 – 2021). The proportion of all genders receiving bonus (both financial and non-financial rewards) has increased from the previous year, but with a greater percentage of females receiving a bonus, than males.

The gender pay gap review has demonstrated that throughout 2023, Field Sales Solutions bonus structures were inclusive and aligned across all genders of employees.  Field Sales Solutions will continue to review salaries on an annual basis and will implement processes that drive equality across all gender staff, in order to continue achieving the objective of aligning earnings between all employees.

We continue to be committed as an equal opportunities employer.

Mean Gender Pay Gap using hourly pay0.7%
Median Gender Pay Gap using hourly pay2.0%
Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap21.4%
Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap12.3%
Proportion of males receiving a bonus payment91.1%
Proportion of females receiving a bonus payment96.1%
Percentage of men and women in each hourly pay quarter
Lower Hourly Pay Quarter58.3%41.7%
Lower Middle Hourly Pay Quarter65.0%35.0%
Upper Middle Hourly Pay Quarter68.0%32.0%
Upper Hourly Pay Quarter63.1%36.9%

Julian Cordy

CEO, Field Sales Solutions Limited

Date: 26th March 2024