Gender Pay Gap

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Gender Pay Gap Review

Statement from Julian Cordy, CEO, Field Sales Solutions Limited:

As an employer with a workforce with a workforce of 250 employees or more on 5th April 2018, Field Sales Solutions must comply with statutory provisions regarding Gender Pay Gap reporting. This requires us to carry out six calculations and publish the results each year, showing the size of the pay gap between our male and female employees.

We have calculated the relevant figures set out below, using the mechanisms that are set out in the gender pay gap reporting legislation. I can confirm that these figures have been verified and checked to ensure their accuracy.

The mean and median pay gap has reduced considerably at Field Sales Solutions due to the increased appointment of senior female employees within the business throughout 2018. The business also implemented a new bonus scheme which has allowed for greater alignment between male and female employees’ earning potential. As an organisation we will continue to review salaries on an annual basis in order to align earnings, and moving forward we anticipate that our strategy around ‘Employee Career Development’ plans, and our ‘Attract, Grow & Keep’ strategy will support alignment between the male and female pay gap.

Julian Cordy

CEO , Field Sales Solutions Limited

Date: 1st April 2019