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After the two extraordinary years that went before, January 2022 saw us looking further forward to the new ‘normal’, however, 2023 continued to be another turbulent year, the Ukraine war, the death of our Queen, political turmoil and now the cost-of-living crisis coupled with large scale industrial action. But despite all this, as we reflect and look to find the positives amidst this turbulent background, we can see what a successful year it’s been in so many ways.

We won multitude awards, had a record-breaking month for sales, became part of an exciting European Company, enhanced our Carbon Neutral status, added to our employee wellbeing programme, expanded our training and development strategy, and increased our portfolio of services.

Above all else, this year has demonstrated that our commitment to investing in employees, skills and development, along with dynamic use of data and technology, provides rewards in being able to increase ROI for clients, and growth for us. In July alone we generated a record breaking sales month, the highest since our company began.

So what happened in 2022?

We’re Now Part Of A European Field Marketing Network

We became part of the Impact Field Marketing Group. We already had a comprehensive portfolio of services for clients but joining a European company means we can now operate on a wider geographic platform. This is going to become more important as global brand owners increasingly view Europe as a single entity, and plan marketing accordingly. Particularly in the case of international sponsorship, which requires high levels of field marketing support.

Throughout the year we have also maintained and grown a wide range of domestic partnerships that have allowed us to strengthen and broaden our service provision.

The Awards Keeping Coming In

At the Field Marketing and Brand Experience Awards we were proud winners of six honours, including three golds. The awards we receive are a recognition of the dedication to high standards, commitment and hard work running through our entire organisation – everyone from our field teams to our administration staff. Acclaim for Field Sales Solutions acknowledges the accomplishments of everyone at our great company.

FMBE Awards 2022

Our Dedication To Wellbeing

Field Sales Solutions is a company that cares about its employees, and they think so too, according to our annual staff survey in which we scored 98 per cent for providing excellent care and wellbeing. Our responsibility to employees saw us have CEO roundtable events, coffee mornings to meet colleagues we do not normally work alongside, social events and regular staff email and video newsletters.

We introduced menopause and miscarriage support access, and now have companywide accredited mental health first aiders. This is alongside counsellor support, plus our commitment to a measurable wellbeing improvement strategy that largely focuses on subjects identified by staff. We are extremely proud to be recognised as GroceryAid Gold Supporters.

Enhancing Our Carbon Neutral Status 

We are officially a Carbon Neutral organisation, but we aren’t stopping there. Throughout 2022 year we continued our sustainability drive.

This year we set and achieved many Carbon Plus initiatives, and have the ambitious plan to become a certified B Corp. Our vehicle fleet is 60.8 per cent hybrid, and this will soon rise based on delivery of cars on order. We are also trialling electric vehicles with an ongoing ambitions to implement. Other initiatives include our employee carbon footprint offset strategy involving tree planting, a paperless office programme, and engagement with all HO & Field about our updated Carbon Neutral Journey.

A New Law To Contend With

We got a new law this year that’s been impossible for anyone in field marketing to miss. The High Fat Salt Sugar (HFSS) legislation severely restricts snack presence and promotions in retail outlets of more than 2,000 square feet. This is a challenge to brands trying to get the most from sales in multiples. This is likely to result in more field marketing in CTNs, convenience stores and forecourt outlets. We faced this in partnership with our clients and together forged new ways to drive sales and remain compliant.

We Continue To beProud!

We are, we believe, rightly proud of our achievements this year. Our successes have come as a result of dedication, investment and hard work, but also from all the great clients and partners we have worked with. To them we say thank you, we couldn’t have done it without you.

As we come to the end of this year we look forward to the next. No doubt 2023 will bring new opportunities and challenges, but we know we are as prepared for them, and that we will continue to raise performance levels for ourselves, and the services we provide for our clients. We are looking forward to the next 12 months, and everything we can bring to it!

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