‘Proud’, Engaged and Capable

Our people make the difference

We have over 600 colleagues working at our head office or in the sales field on behalf of our brand partners. All our people are trained and empowered with clear objectives, actionable insights and effective technology; to achieve measurable success for each of our clients.

It’s our people and values that make us different, called out in the words be PROUD.

Our values - partnership


We are transparent, open and work together with our clients and colleagues to achieve common goals.

Our values - return


We drive and evaluate all activity by identifying and delivering a positive ROI.

Our values - ownership


We understand our role and have a sense of purpose and accountability in everything we do.

Our values - upstanding


We are honest, reliable and ethical in all we do, showing professionalism and integrity always.

Our values - determined


We know that success requires perseverance, and we are driven to achieve.

Empowered people

Our people are the heartbeat of our business, and we are committed to empowering each of them to understand their own purpose. We do this through our programme of mindset training, which encourages every team member to undertake training and personal development which will drive their personal aspiration to succeed.

Training and development are ‘baked in’ to every business process throughout the journey of our employees. From initial launch sessions where they learn about our ways of working, through to our Academy scheme for high performers, we have worked hard to create the infrastructure to encourage success.

We encapsulate the work we do in this area using PIE.
Preparation: making sure our targets are upfront, clear and measurable
Implementation: providing tools that enable and empower
Evaluation: making sure we have visibility of every intervention and the value it adds

Our overall aim is to evolve the mindset of all our field personnel from ‘merchandiser’ to ‘account champion’. It’s all about maximising career development and attracting and retaining quality people so we can continue to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Together we achieve more

Working as a team is always at the forefront of our approach. Communication is critical to ensuring everyone is working towards shared goals, in fact we believe in having “one team focused on one goal” and that is true Partnership.

Collaboration takes the form of face-to-face conferences and webinars to launch and engage our people on topics such as values, visions and goals as well as igniting a sense of team spirit and a mutual sense of purpose.

Whether our people are in the office, working remotely, or out in the field, we are committed to keeping them informed in a regular and accessible way.

We are one team.