What’s the right solution for you

At Field Sales Solutions, we deliver exactly what our name suggests. We have a range of services we can implement which ensure your product is made available, achieves the best possible placement and delivers the incremental sales target you have set.

We do the Right Thing, at the Right Time, in the Right Place, using the Right Person.

Doing the Right Thing


Whether you are looking to launch a new product or drive distribution of an existing product we can provide the Right people to help you.


We achieve optimal visibility for your brand and drive higher sales by increasing your availability and visibility through structured and lasting relationships with stores that drive compliance standards and incremental space.


We can be your ‘eyes and ears’, providing qualitative and quantitative evidence that retailers are keeping promises, following instructions and maximising sales.


Ensuring retailers understand the key selling messages, features and benefits of your brand to maximise sales at the point of sale.

At the Right Time

Using the right inputs, we can determine the right plan.

Between the brand plans you provide and the data we can gather, we’ll determine the right frequency and location timings to ensure your results exceed your expectations.

In the Right Place

The type of service you require from us will indicate where we need to focus our efforts. This will include choosing from the nationwide network of resellers be that grocery, wholesale convenience, out of home, or other channels.

By the Right Person

Whether you are looking for a strategic (link to strategic case studies) or tactical (tactical case studies) solution we can provide the Right team for you. Our people are given the right training and a clear sense of purpose to deliver their very best for you.

Strategically placed to provide the best field sales solutions

We split our solutions into two categories, Strategic and Tactical.

By working with you in a strategic way, we are able to provide a fully managed service which covers every element of a successful field sales solution. We get under the skin of your business and use data and insights to continually evolve our activities during the project.

We work on a contracted basis, either full or part time, and provide a capable, engaged and proud field team for you. They will be responsible for driving increased sales and executing your retail brand promotional plans.

Your team – The Right People – will check your product is in store, always in stock, in the Right locations, with the Right signage and promoted in the Right way.

To ensure the team’s time and efforts are well spent, and to maximise your return on investment, we direct them using a highly advanced data-led approach. We’re continually measuring data as part of our dynamic service to ensure the Right People do the Right Thing at the Right Time in the Right Outlet.

Trust our team to maximise your product visibility and drive more sales

We also work with clients tactically – the difference being we will agree to individual activities or tasks which are needed in order to achieve a variety of requirements.

When we work strategically, we are led by continual analysis of data and our solutions may evolve as the project progresses. We are under the skin of the business as opposed to being a capable pair of helping hands when we work on a tactical level.