Field Sales Solutions: we’re the obvious choice

Established in 2002, with over 600 staff and key clients spanning grocery, high street, convenience, route to market and foodservice channels, Field Sales Solutions is exactly what we claim to be: experts in making sure your product is available, achieves the best placement and delivers incremental sales.

Making a difference

Making a difference is a theme which runs through everything we do. From our teams making a difference in store, to Field Sales Solutions as a whole, striving to make a difference for our teams, our community and the world around us.

Carbon Neutral Company

At the start of 2022, we were delighted to announce that we’d achieved Carbon Neutral status. Less than halfway through our 5-year environmental agenda, this milestone marks the start of a new ambition, to achieve Net Zero Carbon status. This will involve more sustainability initiatives as well as electrifying the company car fleet. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

A commitment to charity & wellbeing

Our companywide wellbeing agenda is dedicated to ensuring all our employees have the right support framework and access to mental health support when and where it’s needed.

We are extremely proud to be a Gold GroceryAid supporter. This amazing charity provides much-needed emotional, financial and practical support to all our employees, and all who work within the grocery industry, providing invaluable resources and support 24/7, 365 days a year.

Proud to be part of IMPACT Field Marketing Group.

On September 30th, 2022, Field Sales Solutions became part Impact Field Marketing Group.

Impact Field Marketing Group (IFMG) provides solutions enabling clients to roll-out their sales and marketing strategy across physical, mobile, and digital channels throughout the customer journey.

This acquisition embodies our vision of the future for IFMG. Our pan-European positioning combined with our omnichannel know-how allows us to implement the solutions that support the strategy of our clients. With Field Sales Solutions we are ready to embrace our development as a Group in the UK. On top of this our link with Julian Cordy, Field Sales Solutions CEO, and its management team is very strong, and we are used to working together on international matters which facilitates integration and synergies “.

Jean-Dominique Castellani, CEO of Impact Field Marketing

To find out more, check out our press release.

European Field Marketing Partnership (EFMP)

Being a member of the EFMP means we can access knowledge, share issues and best practice and collaborate with our European Partners to ensure we remain at the very top of our game.

Proud to be the right partner

Our pride comes from the unique way in which we run our business. We’re full of energy, inspiration and motivation to do the best we can for your business and your sales.

In addition, we have a set of values to be Proud of…

Our values - partnership


We are transparent, open and work together with our clients and colleagues to achieve common goals.

Our values - return


We drive and evaluate all activity by identifying and delivering a positive ROI.

Our values - ownership


We understand our role and have a sense of purpose and accountability in everything we do.

Our values - upstanding


We are honest, reliable and ethical in all we do, showing professionalism and integrity always.

Our values - determined


We know that success requires perseverance, and we are driven to achieve.