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As the curtains begin to rise on the much-anticipated Golden Quarter of 2023, brands and retailers are gearing up for an unparalleled sales opportunity. With take-home grocery sales hitting a record £12.8bn in the four weeks leading to 25th December last year, 2023 has the potential to exceed this. However, in an ever-evolving landscape this year’s success hinges on in-store availability, compliance, and captivating displays – making field sales support an indispensable asset.

But, why do brands need to invest in field sales support, more so in 2023, than in previous years?

The Retail Landscape

The collision of heightened consumer demand and decreased staffing availability has created a complex situation, where the risk of lost sales loom. One particular challenge is the issue of inadequate in-store brand availability, and risk of lost sales, which stands as a significant hurdle to achieving sales success. In the face of this obstacle, the case for investing in field sales support becomes compelling. Seasoned field teams, strategically stationed nationwide, offer an agile and effective solution. With swift responsiveness, they can rectify stock gaps, implement point-of-sale materials, and secure incremental displays – all crucial for capitalising on impulse purchases during this peak period. Field teams are not just an add-on; they are essential to optimising brand sales during the Golden Quarter, bridging the gap between supply and demand to convert potential losses into valuable sales opportunities.

The Shift in Shopping Dynamics

Consumer behaviour is ever evolving, influenced by technology, trends and economics factors and fluctuations. This year, the shopping landscape has witnessed changes like never before. Online and offline channels are merging, and customers are seeking seamless shopping experiences, and retailers and brands need to respond to this with instore experience that provides engagement and value to their consumers. The challenge lies not just in offering exceptional products, but in how they are presented and made accessible to customers.

The Role of Field Sales Support

Here’s where field sales support is key. Deploying expert field teams becomes a strategic advantage. These teams offer a swift and effective solution to challenges like stock gaps, compliance, and displays. With their adeptness, they can ensure that products are stocked, displays are eye-catching, and compliance standards are met. These actions can lead to increased impulse purchases, incremental space gains, retailer advocacy and increased customer engagement, especially during this peak shopping period.

Turning Investment into Value

Investing in field sales support is not just a cost; it’s an investment that yields measurable results. The impact is not only visible on the balance sheets but also in the enhanced brand image that comes with a seamless shopping experience. Brands stand to gain more than just increased sales figures; they gain the trust and loyalty of customers who value brands that meet their needs and expectations.

Seizing the Moment

As the pressure to perform escalates before the year end, partnering with experienced field sales professionals becomes a strategic move. The Golden Quarter isn’t just a few months; it’s a pivotal window to demonstrate brand excellence. Field sales support empowers brands and retailers to bridge the gap between supply and demand, ensuring that every potential sale is captured.


The 2023 Golden Quarter presents an unprecedented opportunity for brands and retailers. In a landscape defined by evolving consumer behaviour and unique challenges, field sales support emerges as a crucial ingredient for success. By ensuring in-store availability, compliance, and captivating displays, brands can maximise their sales potential and leave a lasting impact on customers. As brands prepare to take the stage during this crucial period, the spotlight is on those who recognise the vital role of field sales support, both to support Retailers, but also to ensure they respond to the unprecedented challenges and opportunities the Golden Quarter of 2023 presents.

If you are a brand owner looking to optimise your Golden Quarter, please contact Field Sales Solutions to explore how we can support you and drive your sales success.

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